Aiming with No Hope for Chicago through a Snow Storm

I will now guide you through a journey of my unlucky experience with cars, that time I met a State Trooper during a blizzard, and the great people of Chicago. » 4/01/15 12:02am Today 12:02am

What's for Dinner Oppo?

I've reached peak-sandwich and I'm not turning back. What we have here is a Big Wreck, ALL THE MEATS (turkey, salami, roast beef, and ham) from Potbelly topped with Lettuce, Mayo, and Tomato. Dear God is it amazing. » 3/29/15 6:02pm Sunday 6:02pm

Mercedes Caught with their Pants Down: Malaysian Grand Prix Debrief

This is an open discussion, summary, and statistics listing following the 2015 Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang. Obvious spoilers below... » 3/29/15 6:11am Sunday 6:11am

Mercedes Caught with their Pants Down: Malaysian Grand Prix Debrief

Lewis Hamilton started the 2015 Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang on pole with his teammate in 3rd and Sebastian Vettel shoving his red car in between the dominant Mercedes. Scuderia Ferrari looked quick throughout yesterday's rain-soaked qualifying session, but could their pace be real? » 3/29/15 6:02am Sunday 6:02am

Drive of the Race - Malaysian Grand Prix

Often in Formula 1, the differing constructors chassis do not allow the most stellar driver performance to rise to the podium. Here we have the chance to discuss and promote the driver who put in the Drive of the Race, regardless of who actually won. » 3/29/15 4:30am Sunday 4:30am

Open Thread - Malaysian Grand Prix

The cars are lining the grid and the formation lap is about to start. Soon the lights will go out and we will be racing the 2nd round of the 2015 F1 season at Sepang International Circuit. This is an open discussion of the race; spoiler adversionists beware! » 3/29/15 1:51am Sunday 1:51am

I've Begun Dismissing Cars on Interior Quality; What's Wrong with Me?

I've grown a need to feel special in a car, without having to put my right foot into the floor, and the interior design is the best way to communicate to the driver that he's in something extraordinary without incurring jail time. I don't really know when it started happening, probably when I bought my first car last… » 3/28/15 4:26pm Saturday 4:26pm

I'm hoping for competitiveness sakes (Hamilton Fan) that Ferrari's pace is improved and isn't just due to a good rain strategy, but I fear Vettel will be outmatched once Nico starts adding laps. » 3/28/15 2:53pm Saturday 2:53pm

The Legal Kerfuffle is Over

Giedo van der Garde took to Facebook to announce his renunciation from rightfully attacking Sauber over his contract. » 3/13/15 9:56pm 3/13/15 9:56pm