Why Shut Up and Play the Hits was the Best Concert Film I've Seen

The Concert Film/Documentary of LCD Soundsystem's last show at Madison Square Gardens could have earned this title for its film-work alone: lofty angles, unique cuts to display the juxtaposition of James Murphy's life, and incredibly candid shots of the band and its fans. However, Shut Up and Play the Hits is founded… » 10/25/14 11:40pm Saturday 11:40pm

What Would a Realistic Closed-Cockpit Formula 1 Car Look Like?

After Jules Bianchi's crash at Suzuka, talk has skyrocketed in the debate for adding a closed cockpit to Formula 1 cars. In this video, Craig Scarborough talks through his interpretation, noting safety concerns and aerodynamic consequences/benefits. » 10/19/14 10:23pm 10/19/14 10:23pm